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Is that difficult learn musical modes, study pages and pages of music theory to master them and then practice in all keys? Well, in theory… yes! But if you are studying music you’ll know that things come easy after while, … Read More

How to set up Ableton with the keyboard FCB1010 via MIDI
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Hello, if you have an old good pedalboard Behringer FCB 1010 MIDI foot pedal, you may want to use it to control ableton. For guitarist and bassist is very useful because this pedalboard can control almost everything: 10 banks with … Read More

Use POD HD500 as a midi controller for ABLETON LIVE
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Still another tutorial for ABLETON LIVE… and midi controllers! If you are a guitarist and you have a POD LINE 6 HD, maybe you can be interested. Did you know that your podo can be a midi controller for any … Read More